Pulling a Plug

I’ve been thinking of it for a while, but the time has now come – Etched Number Plates, including custom ones, are to be discontinued. When the current stock runs out (which will take a long time!), that will be it. The only exception will be for Cambrian and later locomotives that worked the Cambrian section, these will continue to be stocked.

Should you need custom GWR plates, then I will heartily recommend Narrow Planet as an alternative supplier, they can offer faster turnaround than I ever could though they do not (at time of writing at least) support absorbed plates.

Why has this decision been taken? All my etching is done by specialist companies to artwork generated by me, which is expensive unless done in large batches. Getting those batches together takes a frustratingly long time, and I quite simply do not want to be hanging on to people’s orders for the timescale I currently need to to make it pay. If you find yourself in need of an entire fleet’s worth of number plates then by all means get in touch and I will try and help, but beware the wait could run into years!