Great Western Railway (inc. Absorbed Locos)

Coast Line number plates are painstakingly crafted. Each plate has had it’s correct dimensions researched and as far as I can ascertain is 100% correct. The numerals have been spaced out properly as per the prototype and in the case of absorbed locomotives, GWR lettering is provided. There is no simple typing into a universal size plate here! Occasionally something does fall through the net – but my promise is simple, if I get any details on your plate wrong, I will replace it with a corrected version free of charge!

Go straight to the number you want by simply typing that number in the search box and pressing enter!

The details page for each plate will tell you all you need to know about them. The majority have been etched in brass, some are in Nickel Silver.

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Products 1 - 25 from 93. Products on page