Guinea Pigs wanted!

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Toying with the idea of making a range of wagons as one piece prints in Black High Def Acrylate, following its success so far with limited underframe components (so far limited to W Iros, axleboxes and V hangers). I have created an interesting little wagon as a test piece, and would greatly appreciate anybody who fancies trying one getting in […]

A Miscellany

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This is my first post from my new computer. New computer you say? Yes, the old faithful Acer’s graphics chip imploded without warning leading to much frantic scrabbling to re establish connectivity with the outside world – as if moving wasn’t problematic enough on its own! Anyway, that’s now sorted and I am receiving emails and orders once more. Software […]

Happy Birthday To Me!

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Yes, today is my Birthday, and by way of a present a big box from Shapeways landed on my doorstep. The contents were 2 wagon bodies in Black High Definition Acrylate – a material I have been trying to get along with for some time now as it should be perfect for making wagon bodies, but there have been no […]

Custom Plates Suspended effective October 1st 2016 til further notice

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I mentioned in my last post that I am moving shortly, well that day is nearly upon us and as there is going to be a lot of work doing before the process is complete, i am as of today, suspending all custom plate activity until it is complete. Those of you waiting for open orders can rest assured, your […]

Bargains Galore! Postal Changes!

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In a few weeks I am moving premises – only next door but it’s a better space. To make this easier I’d like to drastically cut the stock I take with me – so that means bargains for you! All number plates in nickel silver are now a staggering 50p per pair – so stock up whilst you can! Click […]

Out of Stock Products

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I have decided that I will no longer keep number plates available off the shelf, they take up too much space and take too long to shift! So, as current stocks sell out they will be removed from the website. Out of stock numbers therefore will have to be ordered as custom items.

Website Update

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There has been a recent update to the e-commerce software which underpins this website, sadly this appears to have caused several problems. I am acting to fix them as soon as I can, if you spot something not behaving correctly please do drop me a line (that still seems to be working!) At the moment the most pressing error is […]

Mid Wales Railway Locomotive kits – a future prospect

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I have recently begun work on this. It is a very long term project, but work is progressing well so far. The plan is to make the 0-4-2 and 0-6-0 Kitson available, the latter including the option of building Bishops Castle Railway ‘Carlisle’ too. I had originally envisaged looking into acquiring the Mercian Models kit for the latter, as they […]

Timber Truck 3D Print Test is Here!

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Remember the multicolour 3D Artwork I showed a while back for the Cambrian Single Timber Truck? Well the first 3D print arrived, and has been assembled into a lovely little model! There is a slight amount of tweaking necessary – the floor being relatively thin with a thick lump in the middle naturally ends to warp as the plastic shrinks […]

Transfers and Signs

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As expected on Thursday, we now have an expected arrival of the transfers – Wednesday 13th! That means those of you who have pre ordered transfers will be receiving them by the end of the week. I am very excited about these transfers – for the first time in history there will be a comprehensive range of transfers for Cambrian […]

On Cambrian Lines

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Just a quick note to tell you that I am away for the weekend as of Thursday 7th in Llangollen for the Railway Gala. If you spot me come and say hello. I expect to be back taking care of business on Monday, when hopefully I will be able to announce an expected ship date for transfers. EDIT: Here are […]