One Piece Wagon, Christmas Deliveries

Well, the guinea pigs have all received their wagons, and as chief Guinea pig I thought it only right I show you mine! First, the prints were generaly good – the first batch had a weird layer error, visible as an indented line running all the way around the wagon, the 2nd batch did not suffer from this. Fortunately it’ll be a doddle to fill and make good. So here’s mine in an initial coat of primer:


Incidentally this is the first wagon to be worked on in the new premises, yay! The layer error can be seen as the diagonal line running through the left hand axlebox and up the wagon sides. This was the up side – the other, supported side needs a little more work on support cleanup (it’s easier to see them after priming!) as Shapeways have an annoying habit of placing them between rivets and bolt heads.

I’d call that a success – so other designs of wagon will be implemented in the ‘one piece’ category.

Now then onto Christmas matters. I will be working through the holidays as normal, so in that regard it’s business as usual, however the postal service does not so please bear in mind their last posting dates and allow a couple of days for me to get the order processed, for international deliveries that means this week!