New 2 Plank kit

I am taking a new approach with this by introducing a Mousa Models style deposit system, the kit style is similar too! The model is a fixed side 2 plank, introduced by the Cambrian in the 1870s and still being built in the 1900s. This model will feature wooden brake gear to give it a little something different.

The body will be a 3D print, mounted on etched W-Irons and detailed using more 3D prints, and some sprung buffer heads. No couplings, wheels or bearings are supplied, as everyone has their own ideas about what is best!

It will be priced at £25 per kit (however this could change should there be an alarming change in exchange rates), and in order to make it to production 20 orders need to be secured. Secure your order by paying a £2 deposit, refundable in the event of cancellation.

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