More One Piece Wagons for the New Year UPDATED!

All of which are Cambrian! Look closely at the renders and you’ll see a few style differences. The timber trucks are being printed with separate bolsters, which will still require etched stanchions. One features buffer bodies, to test if the very small holes and thin walls will work in this material, both feature very fine brake gear, which has not been anchored to the model as was done on the original Open Wagon test. Finally the 8 Plank Loco Coal wagon has been tweaked slightly increasing the body planking thickness by about a scale 5/8″ as the scale size was warping during printing sadly as it’s so tall. I’ve also added a number plate to this one, which may well become a standard feature.

UPDATED! I have now finished off some Cambrian low side wagons too, archaic designs with wooden brakes and 2 or 3 plank sides (though both are the same overall dimensions). Also I have finally added the brake gear to the Cleobury Mortimer variant of the already tested Abdon Clee open, Very similar wagons but the CM&DPLR version was 8′ wheelbase. I will do further variants of each without the door bump stops, as not all wagons were fitted.