Further Postal Updates and the Oxford Rail Dean Goods

As previously reported, further postal changes are afoot! As of July 10th 2017, any order requiring the attention of the post office will be dealt with on SATURDAY AM only. Please have all your orders in before 5PM on the preceding Friday for posting on the Saturday, or they may well be waiting a whole week until the next one! Small orders requiring only Stamps will be sent daily as per usual.

Now then the Oxford Dean Goods. It was released last week in the line green variant, which was duly snapped up for appraisal. Out of the box it’s a rather poor caricature of 2309 which it purports to be, but there is potential! You can see from the header image that mine has had surgery – surgery that you can benefit from! A New 3D Printed Chimney and Smokebox door is now available from my Shapeways store, and further additions are expected to be made in the form of a tweaked Parallel chimney and Dished smokebox door. I am also looking at a new Safety Valve bonnet, and tweaking my existing Coal Railed 2500g tender top to match the Oxford chassis.