Dinorwig Rubbish Wagons: Painted Rust

Something I love doing is turning a piece of plastic into a rusty sheet of iron! Here we have one of the newest SM32 products – the Dinorwig Rubbish wagon with lifting eyes and tramming handle. This is one of the first models made using Fusion 360 as my new 3D modelling software and also marks a departure from my usual printing materials into SLS Nylon (White, Strong & Flexible for Shapeways users).

These wagons arrive in one piece with a rough grainy finish. On vertical and horizontal surfaces this already looks great for a rusted texture, but on the slightly sloping sides of the Rubbish wagon, leads to visible banding of the print lines which will need smoothing out. For this I like to use a yellow high build/filler primer from a spray can. A good heavy coat can be used, and then smoothed back with 800 grit paper. You don’t need to worry too much about avoiding rivet detail since the material underneath is pretty reluctant to sand down, and in any case the real thing is nowhere near perfectly uniform. 

Once rubbed back, another coat of filler primer was added, and then a light pass of Leather brown to add some dark spots, then a splattering of sand to add some highlights and finally a good soaking in Sepia wash (all colours from the Vallejo range) finish off the Rust effect. The final act is to run a 1/8″ drill bit through the axleboxes in order to take my own silver steel axles with double flanged wheels. It is also possible to open out the axleboxes in order to use Slater’s wheels too, however I like to open Slater’s wheels out to 1/8″ and let then run free on the axle as per the prototype.