Family Bereavement

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Just to let you all know there has been a death in the family, with the obvious knock on effects for daily life for all concerned. There may be a bit of service disruption for a week or two whilst life readjusts, but please bear with me and I’ll get you sorted as best and as soon as I can. […]

A Miscellany

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This is my first post from my new computer. New computer you say? Yes, the old faithful Acer’s graphics chip imploded without warning leading to much frantic scrabbling to re establish connectivity with the outside world – as if moving wasn’t problematic enough on its own! Anyway, that’s now sorted and I am receiving emails and orders once more. Software […]

Bargains Galore! Postal Changes!

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In a few weeks I am moving premises – only next door but it’s a better space. To make this easier I’d like to drastically cut the stock I take with me – so that means bargains for you! All number plates in nickel silver are now a staggering 50p per pair – so stock up whilst you can! Click […]

Out of Stock Products

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I have decided that I will no longer keep number plates available off the shelf, they take up too much space and take too long to shift! So, as current stocks sell out they will be removed from the website. Out of stock numbers therefore will have to be ordered as custom items.

Website Update

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There has been a recent update to the e-commerce software which underpins this website, sadly this appears to have caused several problems. I am acting to fix them as soon as I can, if you spot something not behaving correctly please do drop me a line (that still seems to be working!) At the moment the most pressing error is […]

Custom Number Plate Maker

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Custom Number Plates ordering has had an overhaul! All templates for custom number plates can now be accessed from one form, you just specify the plate details and I do the rest. I was hoping to introduce a deposit based system, but there was no way to do it without purchasing more expensive software or the burden of chasing up […]

Christmas Matters

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Just to let you all know that it will be mostly business as usual here over the Christmas period, subject of course to Royal Mail delivery schedules and Post office opening times.¬†Europe and the US orders can still be shipped in time for Christmas as long as you buy by the end of Sunday the 13th, UK inland orders have […]

A Few Tweaks

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There have been a few minor improvements and tweaks over the past week, thought I’d tell you about them. You may notice the new basket item in the menu at the top, hopefully that’ll make navigating the shop that little bit easier. There’s Social Media icons now too, to help spread the word. Secondly, and much more interesting – there […]

Custom Number Plates The Final Solution

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More than any other question I am asked “Can you do plates for x locomotive?”. Whilst the answer is in it’s shortest form “Yes”, it’s not quite that simple. Etching is a multiple step process beginning with the artwork – the is the drawing of what we want, in this case a number plate. This is them transferred to an […]

100 Items Sold!

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Many thanks to Nigel Maddocks who purchased the 100th item to be sold since Coast Line was launched in March, with that achieved it’s now on to the next Milestone, 100 Orders! Thank you to all who have purchased, with your continued support the development goes on and someday soon the Cambrian Railways will no longer be the sole preserve […]