Dinorwig Rubbish Wagons: Painted Rust

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Something I love doing is turning a piece of plastic into a rusty sheet of iron! Here we have one of the newest SM32 products – the Dinorwig Rubbish wagon with lifting eyes and tramming handle. This is one of the first models made using Fusion 360 as my new 3D modelling software and also marks a departure from my […]

A new 16mm Scale Project & New Tools

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Yes, another highly detailed conversion of a Slater’s kit is underway. This time the subject is a little bit closer to home, a Caernarfon built and Nantlle operated loco – Pen yr Orsedd Sate Quarry’s de Winton 0-4-0VBT ‘Gelli’. Work is already progressing well, as soon as the box was opened I started drawing up the new components – for […]

New 2 Plank kit

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I am taking a new approach with this by introducing a Mousa Models style deposit system, the kit style is similar too! The model is a fixed side 2 plank, introduced by the Cambrian in the 1870s and still being built in the 1900s. This model will feature wooden brake gear to give it a little something different. The body […]

Further Postal Updates and the Oxford Rail Dean Goods

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As previously reported, further postal changes are afoot! As of July 10th 2017, any order requiring the attention of the post office will be dealt with on SATURDAY AM only. Please have all your orders in before 5PM on the preceding Friday for posting on the Saturday, or they may well be waiting a whole week until the next one! […]

More 3D Printed Goodness

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These are all new items about to go into testing. We have a Cambrian Railways Buffer Stop first of all. I’m still unsure of how this will be presented, it is unlikely to take the one piece form you see below, but we shall see. Keep your eyes peeled for it’s release.   Then we have in the wagon department […]

Pulling a Plug

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I’ve been thinking of it for a while, but the time has now come – Etched Number Plates, including custom ones, are to be discontinued. When the current stock runs out (which will take a long time!), that will be it. The only exception will be for Cambrian and later locomotives that worked the Cambrian section, these will continue to […]

More One Piece Wagons for the New Year UPDATED!

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All of which are Cambrian! Look closely at the renders and you’ll see a few style differences. The timber trucks are being printed with separate bolsters, which will still require etched stanchions. One features buffer bodies, to test if the very small holes and thin walls will work in this material, both feature very fine brake gear, which has not […]

One Piece Wagon, Christmas Deliveries

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Well, the guinea pigs have all received their wagons, and as chief Guinea pig I thought it only right I show you mine! First, the prints were generaly good – the first batch had a weird layer error, visible as an indented line running all the way around the wagon, the 2nd batch did not suffer from this. Fortunately it’ll […]

Guinea Pigs wanted!

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Toying with the idea of making a range of wagons as one piece prints in Black High Def Acrylate, following its success so far with limited underframe components (so far limited to W Iros, axleboxes and V hangers). I have created an interesting little wagon as a test piece, and would greatly appreciate anybody who fancies trying one getting in […]

A Miscellany

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This is my first post from my new computer. New computer you say? Yes, the old faithful Acer’s graphics chip imploded without warning leading to much frantic scrabbling to re establish connectivity with the outside world – as if moving wasn’t problematic enough on its own! Anyway, that’s now sorted and I am receiving emails and orders once more. Software […]

Bargains Galore! Postal Changes!

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In a few weeks I am moving premises – only next door but it’s a better space. To make this easier I’d like to drastically cut the stock I take with me – so that means bargains for you! All number plates in nickel silver are now a staggering 50p per pair – so stock up whilst you can! Click […]

Out of Stock Products

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I have decided that I will no longer keep number plates available off the shelf, they take up too much space and take too long to shift! So, as current stocks sell out they will be removed from the website. Out of stock numbers therefore will have to be ordered as custom items.