New 2 Plank kit

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I am taking a new approach with this by introducing a Mousa Models style deposit system, the kit style is similar too! The model is a fixed side 2 plank, introduced by the Cambrian in the 1870s and still being built in the 1900s. This model will feature wooden brake gear to give it a little something different. The body […]

Pulling a Plug

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I’ve been thinking of it for a while, but the time has now come – Etched Number Plates, including custom ones, are to be discontinued. When the current stock runs out (which will take a long time!), that will be it. The only exception will be for Cambrian and later locomotives that worked the Cambrian section, these will continue to […]

A Miscellany

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This is my first post from my new computer. New computer you say? Yes, the old faithful Acer’s graphics chip imploded without warning leading to much frantic scrabbling to re establish connectivity with the outside world – as if moving wasn’t problematic enough on its own! Anyway, that’s now sorted and I am receiving emails and orders once more. Software […]

Custom Plates Suspended effective October 1st 2016 til further notice

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I mentioned in my last post that I am moving shortly, well that day is nearly upon us and as there is going to be a lot of work doing before the process is complete, i am as of today, suspending all custom plate activity until it is complete. Those of you waiting for open orders can rest assured, your […]

Timber Truck 3D Print Test is Here!

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Remember the multicolour 3D Artwork I showed a while back for the Cambrian Single Timber Truck? Well the first 3D print arrived, and has been assembled into a lovely little model! There is a slight amount of tweaking necessary – the floor being relatively thin with a thick lump in the middle naturally ends to warp as the plastic shrinks […]

Transfers and Signs

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As expected on Thursday, we now have an expected arrival of the transfers – Wednesday 13th! That means those of you who have pre ordered transfers will be receiving them by the end of the week. I am very excited about these transfers – for the first time in history there will be a comprehensive range of transfers for Cambrian […]

Custom Order Sheet 1 Complete!

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After what seems like forever, it’s finally here! Here’s a quick peek at some of it to show the diversity of number plates on offer. You can all now breathe a sigh of relief. Despatch has begun , UK customers can expect their plates to arrive in the next few days, International orders should hopefully land within the next fortnight.    […]

Custom Number Plate Maker

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Custom Number Plates ordering has had an overhaul! All templates for custom number plates can now be accessed from one form, you just specify the plate details and I do the rest. I was hoping to introduce a deposit based system, but there was no way to do it without purchasing more expensive software or the burden of chasing up […]

Cambrian Railways Timber Truck

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A new addition soon to be with us, this time in a slightly different format. The main body will be 3D printed as a kit to preserve the best possible detail. The remaining details will be etched. This has been prepared from the original 1901 General Arrangement drawing, and features the unusual brake system used on a handful of Cambrian […]

Cambrian Signals Mk2

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After looking at the artwork some more and playing with the test etches I have decided to make the arms available individually so that a whole pack isn’t needed just for one. Also the brackets are no longer included, I am instead working on more 3D printed posts with integral brackets for a variety of configurations. The following render has […]

More South Wales Number Plates

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3 more templates added to stock – Barry Railway, Brecon & Merthyr and Rhymney Railway number plates can now be created. Barry & Rhymney plates are larger than average plates, so are a touch more expensive as I couldn’t fit them into the usual template fret.B&M and TVR plates are still standard pricing though. Head on over and create your custom […]

More on Cambrian Signals

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We’ve seen the posts, but what about the arms and so on? Well they’re going to be etched, and the fret looks something like this. There’s a fair few bits and pieces on there to cover a wide range of signal building needs, one fret should be more than sufficient to signal an entire average model station. Some of the […]