Dinorwic Quarries Edge/Bar Rail Chairs

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Hot from the mould! Pleased to say these have finally arrived in stock, and they look great. These are in 16mm scale, and to make life easy you drill holes into your chosen sleeper at centres matching your gauge – so for mine here at 32mm gauge, the holes were spaced 32mm. The cast pip on the underside of the […]

A Miscellany

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This is my first post from my new computer. New computer you say? Yes, the old faithful Acer’s graphics chip imploded without warning leading to much frantic scrabbling to re establish connectivity with the outside world – as if moving wasn’t problematic enough on its own! Anyway, that’s now sorted and I am receiving emails and orders once more. Software […]

Castings are Coming

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There has been a slight change of direction, I’m prone to those I’m afraid! Rather than rely on Shapeways to produce consistent 3D prints I have decided that the only way to ensure proper consistency is to do it myself – with whitemetal.