New 2 Plank kit

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I am taking a new approach with this by introducing a Mousa Models style deposit system, the kit style is similar too! The model is a fixed side 2 plank, introduced by the Cambrian in the 1870s and still being built in the 1900s. This model will feature wooden brake gear to give it a little something different. The body […]

Further Postal Updates and the Oxford Rail Dean Goods

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As previously reported, further postal changes are afoot! As of July 10th 2017, any order requiring the attention of the post office will be dealt with on SATURDAY AM only. Please have all your orders in before 5PM on the preceding Friday for posting on the Saturday, or they may well be waiting a whole week until the next one! […]

Cast Metal Parts 15% discount at Shapeways

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Anybody thinking of buying any of my cast brass/bronze detail parts through the Shapeways shop will be interested to know that there is currently a discount code offering 15% off. use code FORMOM at checkout to activate. It is valid until 23/4/17. Please note this is only available on items bought in the Shapeways shop, not products that I hold […]

More 3D Printed Goodness

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These are all new items about to go into testing. We have a Cambrian Railways Buffer Stop first of all. I’m still unsure of how this will be presented, it is unlikely to take the one piece form you see below, but we shall see. Keep your eyes peeled for it’s release.   Then we have in the wagon department […]

More One Piece Wagons for the New Year UPDATED!

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All of which are Cambrian! Look closely at the renders and you’ll see a few style differences. The timber trucks are being printed with separate bolsters, which will still require etched stanchions. One features buffer bodies, to test if the very small holes and thin walls will work in this material, both feature very fine brake gear, which has not […]

Guinea Pigs wanted!

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Toying with the idea of making a range of wagons as one piece prints in Black High Def Acrylate, following its success so far with limited underframe components (so far limited to W Iros, axleboxes and V hangers). I have created an interesting little wagon as a test piece, and would greatly appreciate anybody who fancies trying one getting in […]

A Miscellany

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This is my first post from my new computer. New computer you say? Yes, the old faithful Acer’s graphics chip imploded without warning leading to much frantic scrabbling to re establish connectivity with the outside world – as if moving wasn’t problematic enough on its own! Anyway, that’s now sorted and I am receiving emails and orders once more. Software […]

Timber Truck 3D Print Test is Here!

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Remember the multicolour 3D Artwork I showed a while back for the Cambrian Single Timber Truck? Well the first 3D print arrived, and has been assembled into a lovely little model! There is a slight amount of tweaking necessary – the floor being relatively thin with a thick lump in the middle naturally ends to warp as the plastic shrinks […]

Cambrian Railways Timber Truck

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A new addition soon to be with us, this time in a slightly different format. The main body will be 3D printed as a kit to preserve the best possible detail. The remaining details will be etched. This has been prepared from the original 1901 General Arrangement drawing, and features the unusual brake system used on a handful of Cambrian […]

Latest Test Prints

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And they don’t look too bad at all! They are now heading off for painting, and then a full evaluation can be carried out. All are available from Shapeways: Porth Y Waen Signal Box brickwork Cambrian Railways 16′ Signal Posts with LampsĀ  LNWR No.2 Grease Axleboxes  

Cambrian Signalling for 3D Printing

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This week’s focus has been on Cambrian signalling infrastructure. Armed with Mike Lloyd’s Tanat Valley drawings, I’ve drawn up this little lot for 3D printing. We have 16ft Standard signal posts with integral lamps and counterweight bracket, these will be attempted in cast brass. The rather odd looking building is the brickwork section of Porth Y Waen signal box, to […]

Bull Ant powered Cambrian tenders Part 2

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In one of my very first posts I discussed the possibility of using a Bull Ant motor bogie to power a Cambrian styled tender, well I have now done a little more work on the concept. First though, a little background. I have in my possession a pair of Peter K kits for the Small Goods 0-6-0s, and when deciding […]