A new 16mm Scale Project & New Tools

Yes, another highly detailed conversion of a Slater’s kit is underway. This time the subject is a little bit closer to home, a Caernarfon built and Nantlle operated loco – Pen yr Orsedd Sate Quarry’s de Winton 0-4-0VBT ‘Gelli’.

Work is already progressing well, as soon as the box was opened I started drawing up the new components – for there is always something new for me to create in these projects – and hacking bits off the supplied ones. The resulting new components will of course end up available for everyone through the website, Shapeways store or the new i.Materialise store. 

Full progress reports can be had by following the RMWeb thread. 



Now then new tools! I’ve been on the lookout for years for decent screwdrivers in modelling sizes but with a handle you can actually grip. I don’t have the largest hands in the world but I do struggle with tiny jeweller’s screwdrivers especially when dealing with stubborn or worn fasteners that require a bit of pressure from the palm. Well now I have the answer from Beta Tools – renowned for professional grade automotive and aeronautical tools – the 1257 series of drivers, covering flat blades from 0.2×1.2mm up, Hexagon from 0.9mm up, Crosshead from PH00 up, Torx from TX5 and Nut spinners from 3.2mm.

These are available from Motorsport-Tools.com – where I also happen to work during the day, so if you do decide to buy some there’s a good chance I’ll be dealing with your order there too!