16mm Slate Wagon Instructions

I have finally finalised an Assembly guide to the 3D printed Slate wagons. It is not intended to be exhaustive, because the wagons are so simple to build and there is a large amount of variation, but all the important stuff is in there. Download from http://www.coastlinemodels.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/FR-Iron-Wagon-Instructions.pdf

New FR 4 Hole Wheelsets

A wheel often seen beneath wooden bodied Slate Wagons and Bolster wagons but unavailable in model form. I have devised a method of Machining these wheels using Slater’s L&B wheels as a base. This entails milling out the disc profile, drilling the holes and finally plugging the holes with tube and a final milling pass […]

Shapeways Shop Reopens

I’ve been busy throughout December tweaking and re-uploading models to meet the new criteria that Shapeways have set. Sadly there have been some unavoidable price increases, but on the whole we are still more or less static on price. Whilst I am at it, I am trying to bring some consistency between my website listings […]

Shapeways Shop

The Shapeways Shop will be receiving a new URL, but in order to do this I first need to close the existing one and move the products over. This may take some time, so please don’t cry if you get a 404 error, it will return!  The new address will be: http://www.shapeways.com/shops/coastlinemodels Products will appear […]

Festiniog Wagon Wonderland – 2

The second instalment! This time, the results of the plug and socket axleboxes are in, and they are a success, and so were the separate brass couplings. The guinea pig was an LNWR Slate Wagon, very similar in design and construction to an FR 2-ton Slate wagon, but different enough to warrant a new model […]

Festiniog Wagon wonderland!

It all began with a One12 Models kit for preserved Van Number 99. I started building, and just like with ‘Red Damsel’, I couldn’t help but find things I could improve or super detail with a little 3D printing. The kit’s details were already mostly 3D prints, but I strive for greater accuracy and functionality […]

The Adamson Project

This all started when someone asked on RMWeb about the Adamson Locos at Oakley Slate Quarry in Blaenau. I did not know what they were at the time, I assumed the weird contraption ‘Mole’ was the subject which piqued my interest as I once had drawings for that strange beast. Anyway, I went detecting and […]