Wagon Bodies

These are the basic body units that make up the models. Some have integral solebars and are suitable for proprietary W Irons, axleboxes and brake gear, whilst some have no solebars. In such cases solebars with  brake gear in place can be found lower down to page to match. 

4WB001 - Cambrian Railways 15 Ton, 8 Plank Loco Coal Wagon Body

Built in batches by both Pickering of Wishaw and the Cambrian's own Oswestry works in the early 1900s. These wagons were fitted with oil axleboxes. Suitable transfers are available for either Oswestry or Pickering applied liveries (there were slight differences in painting styles, though the wagons themselves were identical)

4WB002 - Cambrian Railways Early 3 plank Open Body

This is based on a single photo of a wagon that suffered an accident. The body is identical in height to the 2 familiar 2 plank, and appears to use the same wooden braked underframe also. For underframe see 4WUF001.

4WB003 - Cambrian Railway 2 Plank Open Wagon body, fixed side plain planks

This is a similar design to 4WB002, however the body is made of 2 planks. Brakes are wooden and the lever is of a particularly interesting J shaped pattern. See 4WUF001 for the necessary underframe to complete.

Wagon Underframes

A selection of Solebars with integral brake levers/hangers and separate brake gear to cater for 00, EM and P4 gauges. Solebars are designed for use with MJT pinpoint bearings and Wizard/Gibson wheels and should space out correctly when used on on the correct wagon body.

4WUF001 - Wooden Braked 15' Underframe

Use under bodies 4WB002 and 3. Typical of early build vehicles, featuring J shaped heavy brake lever, grease axleboxes and wooden brakes. Many of these wagons were still running in the Edwardian period, particularly in departmental use.