I have created a great many different parts using various forms of 3D printing across several materials. The first 3D Prints I made were for 2mm scale wagons, including a boundary pushing one piece underframe with two side independent brake gear. Eyesight however did not allow me to continue with 2mm, and I returned to 4mm. I have now created a whole host of wagons and parts as well as locomotive detailing, lineside and all manner of tools and jigs. Commissions are sometimes undertaken too, depending on the nature of the project - this has led to an even greater variety of items being available from my Shapeways Shop! 

This page showcases some of my 3D printed work. To purchase, click through to the Shapeways shop. 

This Oxford Rail Dean Goods was originally lined green. It has received a 3D printed Chimney, Smokebox Door, Washout Plug set and Tender Filler and Dome as well as a respray and a set of Etched Plates. 

Also available is a parallel chimney, brass safety valve and a more substantial top feed. 

'Red Damsel' was a Highly Involved build based on a Slater's Plastikard kit in 16mm Scale. The original kit is designed to represent 'Rough Pup', but I decided I would model one of the more unusual Hunslets at Dinorwig. Red Damsel has been portrayed in her July 1957 condition, and to do it required a lot of 3D Printed parts - all of which were supplied in Brass or Bronze. Such parts include the tank mounted injectors and their operating valves on the steam turret and boiler mounted clacks, Nampelates, front smokebox/tank brackets and a new Handbrake column complete with drain cock operating rod bracket. In more familiar plastic were 4 new dumb buffers which were meticulously carved to represent the worn wood of the prototype. 

This project spawned many spin off parts for other locomotives, and I'm looking forward to trying them out creating yet more super detailed Dinorwig locomotives in the future. 


This Cambrian Railways 2 plank open wagon uses 3D Printed Body and Underframe details over etched W-Irons. Only the wheels and buffer heads are not Coast Line products. It can be supplied as a kit with either wooden or iron brakes and a 2 or 3 plank body. Get in touch for details. 

16mm Scale again, and this time showing some de Winton parts. Again the basis was a Slater's kit, but a lot more work was needed to alter this one! The motion is being completely renewed in 3D printed Bronze and steel, replacing cast nickel silver. The Resin cast tank and bunker have also been replaced in 3D printed plastic and the whitemetal reverser has given way to yet another printed part. The defining item however is probably the old teapot used to carry steam oil in place of an oilcan - again a 3D printed item!