A Long interlude since my last update on Festiniog Wagon activities, but it has been a hive of activity behind the scenes. Since then, no fewer than 9 new wagons have been printed, and in total there are now 13 in varying states of progress between computer file and physical model. Much has been done to increase detail, ease construction and bring the total price down. In that vein, wagons are now available with a choice of integral plastic couplings or separate cast items which can be user fitted. Axleboxes are now fully detailed on the inside and come with fitting pins, though you can of course upgrade these with separate additions.

In Instalment 2, the Gunpowder Van was next up for trial. This is approaching it’s 3rd iteration, and should be about the best FR Gunpowder van money can buy. Everything that should move, does. Brakes, Doors, obviously wheels…the lot. It is very expensive, but worth every penny in my book, but then I would say that wouldn’t I?

The whole FR wagon section of the website is to be revamped soon with full listings of the available models, but until then – enjoy some pictures of test builds to whet your appetite.