The second instalment! This time, the results of the plug and socket axleboxes are in, and they are a success, and so were the separate brass couplings. The guinea pig was an LNWR Slate Wagon, very similar in design and construction to an FR 2-ton Slate wagon, but different enough to warrant a new model – and here we are.

Construction is an absolute breeze, and the axleboxes were a good snug fit in the body straight from the bag. As before, everything was fettled with high build primer and a fibreglass pencil, leaving a very pleasing finish. I am unsure of what the correct LNWR livery is – the FR currently paints them grey with a white stripe, but I have gone for plain grey at the moment. I will have to arrange for some number plates to finish them off!

The next wagon up for a trial run will be the Gunpowder van, which will also have working brakes, the CAD for which has now been completed. This will be a hugely expensive wagon as it has a lot of separate parts and a fair amount of bulk to the body, so it has been delayed whilst some car repairs are completed and paid for, but it will be here as soon as is possible I promise!